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About Me

I am a trained psychotherapist and emergency medicine/critical care nurse, in practice for more than 20 years

Bachelors Degree
in Nursing
Villanova University  
Master Degree in
Social Sciences
Bryn Mawr College  
Medical Hypnosis Training/Certification Milton Erikson Institute  
Gestalt Therapy Training/Certification Pennsylvania Gestalt Center  

Board Certified Diplomat in Psychotherapy

Personal Life Coach

I have specialty training in sexual abuse treatment and recovery, addiction recovery and trauma

My extensive counseling and medical nursing background as well as my personal experience with loss, grief and trauma allows me to develop a collaborative innovative and creative treatment process to guide you to the fulfillment of your goals

Mary Pat’s Philosophy

After more than 20 years of practice as a psychotherapist, I am intrigued how we make our lives more challenging than necessary. The daily stressors that sometime create obstacles to living more peaceful lives can be placed in proper perspective allowing us to have a more rewarding sense of well being.

We can overcome feelings of low self esteem, depression, anxiety, substance dependence and addiction, as well as enhancing our relationships. Through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, Hypnotherapy, or other modalities, we can create a path towards enrichment. There are many skills and techniques that may be used in working toward a better life, such as:

1. In cognitive behavioral therapy, questioning our perception of our world and challenging our beliefs can change our feelings about ourselves for the better.

2. Accepting responsibility for our thoughts, feelings, and behavior allows us to choose how we react to others. People may “trigger” us by behaving contrary to our expectations, but we decide how to react.

3. Realizing we are all unique, worthy individuals. It is sometimes all too easy to allow our self esteem to be negatively affected when others treat us poorly. A positive self esteem comes with realization of our importance and worthiness. Also, we must realize we are all equally worthy of being treated well.

4. Avoid judging others. By realizing we are all equally worthy individuals, we don’t spend time being affected by others. We can take more time to look at ourselves and decide what behavior to avoid.

5. We can all benefit from some divine intervention. Accepting that we cannot control everything in our lives, we trust in something greater than ourselves. In the AA serenity prayer, the belief in a Power greater than oneself to whom we can turn for strength allows us to let go past hurts and move forward in a more positive way.

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